The Lockdown

As a freelancer living in a quiet rural neighborhood, working from home and being isolated most of the time, I don’t feel much change.

Except that

  • I cannot see my Mom;
  • I had to close Nastiin (our tailored clothing shop) for an indefinite time;
  • I am not alone at home anymore, as my fiancé works from home during the lockdown.

It’s been an unquiet time full of worries about our parents and elderly relatives, our business, our country, people’s sanity. But it’s also an opportunity for thinking, analyzing, listening to ourselves. Reconsidering our priorities. Assuming responsibilities. Recalling what truly matters.

I’m glad I finally got round to reviewing my existing patterns. Some of them need polishing up, bringing terms to consistency, fixing minor layout issues. Recently I’ve received some feedback from my buyers who have found unclear descriptions and errata in my patterns, and I’m thankful for this opportunity to improve. Working on my projects also keeps me from boiling in the turbulence of news and social media, another way to protect myself from going insane.

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