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The Story

I’ve been a full-time crafter for almost seven years.

Until today, you may have seen my creations under a different name: Nastiin.

Back in 2012, I’ve founded Nastiin to create handmade clothing and accessories in cooperation with my Mom. We offered formal tailored clothing for boys and men (ring bearer outfits, newsboy hats, and bow ties), sewn by the two of us in our home-based studio, and hand knit/crochet items made by myself. In parallel, I ran a subsequent shop NastiinDesigns with my own knit/crochet PDF patterns. I tried to contain two of my biggest passions – knitting/crocheting and sewing – in one place.

Trying to find a proper balance between the two, I still spent ~70% of my time at our tailored clothing department. 7 years proved that Nastiin had been about dapper stuff for guys, who don’t care about ladies’ yarn-made garments. It suddenly occurred to me that I seemed to sell cloches and bonnets to the Peaky Blinders.

I had been brooding about the separation for many months, and the time has come. From March 2020, Nastiin is only offering tailored clothing and accessories. For my yarn play, I’ve created a separate playground. And it’s called YAARNEN, which means “yarnen”, which means “made of yarn”.

So far I’ve renamed my Etsy shop and Ravelry page, created a new Facebook page, new Instagram and Pinterest accounts, and I guess that’s it for now. It’s a hell lot of work to raise this new baby, promoting four brand-new social channels with no visitors, but it’s a new challenge, and it feels exciting.

I’m still an active team player at Nastiin, which today is temporarily closed because of the lockdown, but we are preparing something new and amazing while staying in the isolation.

And I finally have time to work on my patterns.

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