Doing Cables

This cowl won’t let you enjoy your favorite TV-show, consuming all your concentration. But the texture is worth it. And whenever you want your brain busy together with your hands, this is a great option.

Tired of facebooking and browsing news, I’ve found for myself a solution to keep busy, away from the social media commotion, and relatively calm. I’m doing cables. Just knitting anything mechanically is not enough: I want to untangle from my anxieties, release my mind from too much thinking.

In the last couple of days I’ve reworked this design: fixed errata, harmonized layout and terms for consistency, and added links to my newly-created social media channels. And it feels good twice: the result (my product has improved) and the process (I’m busy doing something I love).

My special sincere thanks go to Elena Callegari and Peter Harris, who helped me discover the errata in my PDF instructions, and to Natali Cohen and Victor Korouma, my gorgeous models, for these beautiful photos.

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