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Crafts to keep stress at bay

Millions of people around the world choose crocheting or knitting to keep busy and sane during the quarantine. Playing with yarns, combining colors, staying focused on stitch count and pattern helps us disconnect from all that’s happening around. Sensory input from soft yarns produces the tactile feeling of coziness and comfort. Favorite colors help keep the bad mood at bay. Working stitches helps develop better concentration and improves motor skills. The feeling of creation rewards us with a sense of purpose. Completed projects make us proud and satisfied.

Many times I was told by my friends and fellow crafters that crocheting helped them fight anxiety. One of my Facebook friends confessed he’d been keeping a simple crochet project at hand to start stitching every time he was hit by a panic attack. In my university, some students were stealthily knitting under their desks and whenever caught, told that knitting helped them concentrate. As for myself, I can never watch ANY full-length movie from the beginning to the end without falling asleep, if my hands don’t fidget with something yarn-related.

My cat Astrid Chaos Disaster says that she prefers to purrrrrl.

3 thoughts on “Crafts to keep stress at bay”

    1. What kind of projects do you find most helpful when at stress? Is it something quick and simple to be comforted with a quick result, or do you need to immerse in count or pattern?

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