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5 squares a day keeps all bad stuff away

Some of my friends seem to hate me for not minding the recent total lockdown.

I’ll refrain from discussing pros and cons of lockdowns in this blog, as Facebook interface is far more convenient for fights and shitstorming. I’m here to say that one can make lockdown bearable, and hopefully inspire some people to do and feel the same.

Tired from my regular remote freelance work that keeps me busy most of the time, I find solace in crafting. I mostly write knitting and crocheting patterns to create some distraction from negative stuff for myself when working on each of them and for fellow crafters who use the published instructions. But once in a while we all have that kind of mood when nothing seems fun, and we don’t feel like counting and making efforts and staying focused but still want to somehow spend the day as productive as possible. Then my perfect no-brainer project is anything made of granny squares. Or just a pile of granny squares to combine into something I’ll decide later.

Why I love granny squares:

♥ Doing granny squares is easy and mechanical enough to feel relaxed when working, a meditative sort of activity to practice mindfulness as you are focused on the stitches you are creating.

♥ When you are familiar enough with the pattern, you can watch a TV-show or listen to an audiobook in parallel.

♥ Adding new rounds in different colors feels like an exciting game (playing with colors is my addiction). You are the artist, you decide which colors to combine, how big the squares will be, how many rounds each color will take, how many squares your project will consist of.

♥ When you don’t know what kind of item you want to make, whether it’s a scarf or a poncho or a blanket, you can just keep creating squares for as long as you wish, and decide into what you’ll combine them later.

♥ Then you get quick results: each completed square is a feeling of achievement.

♥ Another great joy is playing with the stack of finished squares, putting them together like puzzle.

♥ Finally, when you’ve assembled your squares into your desired shape, you have a unique, beautiful, one-of-a-kind garment you have created.

One reason to not love granny squares is you need to weave in a lot of ends. No fun 😦

What I do is weave them on the go: when I start a new color, I weave the end around the stitches I’m creating; when I finish another color, I weave in the end immediately before I begin a new round. Otherwise my project becomes a big hairy mess with a high chance to get stuck in my closet for ages. I’ll write another post about ends weaving.

These are some of my granny square creations:


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