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Slip stitch selvage

Slip stitch selvage (or slip stitch selvedge, or chain selvedge) is a winning technique to create neat and straight vertical edges with a lovely chain along the side by slipping your edge stitches.

There are variations among knitters in terms of which stitches are slipped, with yarn in front or back etc. It also depends on the other stitches in the pattern. My method is generally as follows:

Row 1

  • Slip 1st stitch purlwise with yarn in front. If the next stitch in pattern is a knit stitch, move yarn to back to knit next stitch. If the next stitch in pattern is a purl stitch, leave yarn at front to purl next stitch.
  • Work to last stitch.
  • Knit the last stitch.

Repeat Row 1 for pattern.

As a result, you get a beautiful chain of stitches along the side of your work:

This chain can serve multiple purposes:

  • create beautiful edges;
  • help picking new stitches along the vertical edges;
  • help side seaming.

Some great examples of my work where I used this method is my Grasshopper poncho and Brown Sugar scarf:

Knit turtleneck poncho pattern knitted cape in 8 sizes image 0
Grasshopper knit poncho
Unisex knit scarf pattern Chunky scarf knit Super scarf image 0
Brown Sugar knit scarf

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